Monday, November 14, 2011

MAIL - 7

I Wrote –

Dear Friend

God said worship the Creator and not the idol. You specified only the first phrase in the first line of your last mail.

"They are seeing the God in this idol".
I say that God said that He does not have image or shape. That means nobody can see God in a shape such as idol. So how can an idol worshiper can see God in an Idol ?

... Deluded people of vain hopes, vain acts, vain knowledge, whose minds are disordered, and who are inclined to the delusive nature of Asuras and Rakshasas, not knowing my highest nature as great lord of all entities, disregard me as I have assumed a human body. ... BhagavatGita 9:10-14

Yes. Only deluded people of vain hope, vain acts, vain knowledge can only see the God in this idol.

My first point is that the idol worship is against the command of God. That means if a person worship God through idol, God will punish him. So how a person can expect his prayers will be answered by God in a way that God has prohibited ? I have already put my points in the last mail regarding this. Either you don't understand this point or you are purposefully excluding.

Now you said Intention is Good and we can determine or we have to determine :-

Human beings are incapable to determine what is Good and what is Wrong.Yesterday's right will be wrong for a person of tomorrow. God being The Everliving can only know what will be Good and what will be wrong.

Part of the above point, you asked did God mention every poor person’s name. No God did not. But I say that God has clearly explained The Attributes of poor and rich people. Isn't it enough to identify poor and rich people? 

You said "helping the poor is good by any means". Let me ask one question. What if a person stole another person’s money and use it to help a poor person? Can you justify it? So it calls for a very clear guideline. God has clearly specified the guideline on how one can help poor people and it is better to follow only this way.

Even We have read FRS and after implementing bugs came out and then we know requirement was not as we understood.

-If it is from God, then it will not contain any single bug.
-If it does contain a single bug, then it means, either it is not from God or human's words are mixed with God's Words.

Hence, bugs will not come in God's Words and there is no question of humans writing 'the code to fix the bug'.

"Human beings are depicting the meaning, not God."
No. Human beings are not eligible to interpret the meaning of God's Word. Yesterday born, today lived, tomorrow died, silly human is completely and fully incapable of interpreting the meaning of God's words. Here comes the facts of messengers of God. I will explain about this later.

So please think about the two core points

1. Regarding the idol worship.
2. If the intention is good one can do what he wants to do.


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