Monday, October 31, 2011



Let the peace and blessings of Almighty God be upon you.

There has been an interesting religious debate going on between me and one of my friend, through Mail. He has some explosive views on certain Islamic beliefs.  The main topics of debate include the following.

-   Idol worship.
-   How Quran is said to be preserved without any change.
-   How Quran see the Vedas and the Bible.
-  What are the relevance of the marriage of Prophet Mohammad with Aisha and Zaynab.
-   Why Islam did not out-rightly prohibit slavery.
-   Does Islam permit to have sex with slaves.

In most of the cases, my friend has some misconceptions. It was due to the improper way through which he acquired the knowledge.  I would like to share the content of the debate, with his permission and without disclosing the identity.

Now why I decided to share the details. First of all, we are living in one of the most multi-religious country in the world. Most of the people have a little or no knowledge in their respective scriptures. In addition, the knowledge of scriptures in fellow religions are almost a big zero.   From the debate, I could realize that, if this kind of misconceptions are not rectified in the Light Of Scriptures, there will be a growing rift in the minds of fellow religious people. Today we have Harmony At Work and so in life. I fear that, if the message of scriptures are not delivered across, then the coming generations is going to lose their harmony in life.

In our day-to-day life we are going through several news and publications and a good percentage of their content add junks of information to our mind. I hope this will be a different experience. So I appeal to everyone here to pay a right attention to understand the things.

The dialog between me and friend are personal and at the same time the content is based on scriptures. In the dialog, I have referred to The Vedas, The Bible and The Quran, to best of my knowledge. If you find any mistakes or any improvement points in it, please help me to correct it. I don’t intend this mail for discussion; rather I would like to present this debate for your intellectual study and thought.

I am presenting this discussion to my friends in fellow religions, relatives and colleagues. You are the people that I admire and respect both in and out of my professional life. I invite you to take part in understanding  a little about the scriptures, especially the final revelation and the final messenger of One God. When you manage a group of people having different beliefs, it would add one more dimension to your managerial skill, if you can truly understand their beliefs and practices. If anybody of you are not interested, I will gladly avoid you from the mail loop.

Humans are the creations of God. God has given the full freedom to obey or disobey Him. It is God’s decision to give food and all other amenities to those who say there is no God. Hence nobody has the right to compel someone to believe or follow anything beyond their will. It is out rightly condemnable to hate a fellow human being,  just because of he believe and practices what he believes and practices. It is the harmony between humans in life that should to be held high in mind and practice, than to harmony at any other levels. Respect others and be respected.

Worship the Creator; not His creations. Only this slogan can solve the problems of this world.  Propagate the essence of Vedas, Bible and Quran that call the humanity to unite  under One God and His Messengers.