Tuesday, November 1, 2011

MAIL - 1

It is the mail between two friends you are going to read. Hence there is no formal structure for the discussion. Concentrate on the concept and the evidence presented.


I Wrote -

Dear Friend

I would like you to see the following speech. It clearly explains the concept of God in the three major religions, with proof from scriptures.  Before you start, please note the below points.

   1. Without understanding the concept of God in a religion, you can never understand the teachings of the religion.

   2. The proof of any religion is scriptures. Vedas are the scriptures of Hinduism, Bible for Christianity and Qur'an for Islam.

   3. Unless and until you are ready to learn these scriptures, you will never benefit from it. We learned C++ etc etc from institutions and we read several books; we did not learn it only by the means of speech :) Still we continue to learn FRS and all. That means without reading (not merely hearing) we cannot understand something fully. The same principle is same for religion too.

The link is given below.


The speech has 8 parts. Please see it fully. First part has some video problem but sound is okay.

From the speech you might be able to understand the following things.

1. All the three religions call the mankind to worship the same One God

2. There is a life after death.

3. There is Heaven for people who did good things and Hell for people who did bad things.

4. A person can be called a Muslim, only when he submit his life to God and not because he is born to a name-sake-Muslim parents.

5. If you are ready to submit your life to God, you can be a Muslim.


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