Monday, November 28, 2011

MAIL - 12

My Friend Wrote -

OK. So you understood that I also agree to your point and also disagree some what.  Some people like me never understand or agree unless I am fully convinced otherwise :). Ok as you said sometimes after learning all such scriptures I might start to believe, but not now.
After reading some of those items my approach has changed significantly( you can see some usages  like "I agree" to prove that :) ). So there is hope.

Let us not continue with this case because as you said we understood each others points.

>> Now it is up to you to convince yourself and act upon it.
There are chances( only minor anyway ) like at some point the reverse might also happen. Means you getting convinced in the other way. Because we can only be sure once we directly know it and for that .......... :)

I am trying to understand things logically too because as i said whatever scriptures we have are written so many years ago and if there is any manipulation it is equally possible for any of them, may it be Qur'an , Bible or Vedas. Also humans are interpreting the written items and i have seen people explaining same verse to be different meaning and every explanation if heard separately, sounds like it is correct. So some logic from our side get into effect.

We can continue through mails.
So Bible Vedas Quran etc teach same things. Is it the base understanding ??


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