Wednesday, November 2, 2011

MAIL - 2

My Friend Wrote –

I saw the whole set of videos. It was really nice presentation. The concept he explained I have already explored through various books and videos available online itself. And I cent percent agree to it.

But having read that and having understood, I still does not feel any wrong in idol worship. In between, he quotes swami Vivekananda's sentences to back his explanation. Hope you also know swami Vivekananda was not against idol worship. A man worshiping an idol is not against God. He is  trying to see God in it in his own form. There is no hatred in him. There is only Bhakthy and it is a Good Feeling only. I don't think for this reason, that person will be sent to hell. Do you think so ?

>> 5. If you are ready to submit your life to God you can be a Muslim.
In this sense every real Hindu is a Muslim and every real Muslim is a Hindu. The name only differs with what we call. Hindu  have their scriptures and Muslim have theirs. Every scriptures teaches to be nice. And if people start to believe or understand it correctly, the word  Muslim and Hindu can be used interchangeably, I believe.

Having said all this, I would like to put one point also. How this hatred between Hindu Muslim booms ?? one scenario I shall put.
There is only preaching no practicing. I just searched You tube "Converted to hindu" . and I got the following results. See it for yourself. 

When after hearing and someone wants to convert to Islam why don’t these preachers say " Brother/Sister you don't need to convert to Islam to become an Muslim. Just believe in what is taught in your scriptures and then you are a Muslim". And Hindu word can also be used. Because the Word is not important .
But there is no such explanation. Please come to Islam, and with Immense Proud , they are announcing "See a Hindu converted to Islam". 
Every person is not that great to accept that and the result is what you see now. 

Let me know your opinion in this also !!

I searched Converted to Hindu  purposefully . Not by mistake :)  I could have searched converted to ISLAM also , but I opted the other string. FYI.


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