Tuesday, November 22, 2011

MAIL - 10

My Friend Wrote -
I clearly got your point. But I am talking about the intention which I think you did not catch. What I am trying to say is you are absolutely correct in sense there is only one god. 
"Worship Him and not the idol".
Dear friend, this is the right and I agree it. :)
But idol worshipers are not doing a great sin. See the prayer he makes. Ok due to ignorance he is not acting as such as per gods command but his mind is filled with good feelings. To understand this Goodness, no need to read scriptures. Only a good mind is required:). If we can understand that this is good then I would say that we don't have the capacity to understand the scriptures.
In the above, read the bold part, 3 times.
The prayer of asking goodness for everyone, is the intention against the will of GOD ??
The prayer of asking goodness for everyone, is full of ignorance. ??
Applicable to all such places such as Dargas round the world such as Darga of Ajmir etc etc. 
I am talking about the prayer. To whom one worship, is important but here one who has to accept the prayer is GOD. GOD knows well.
We are talking different areas.
I am talking about the prayer not the one who is prayed to. But you are sticking on to the one who is prayed to. As far as prayer is concerned , Here on one side is human being and other side is God itself.  
Humans are ignorant and have their limitations. 
God is ..... ( i don't have to explain that to you ). 

Will God will feel bad  like  see he is worshiping  something I created , not me. Don't degrade God to that level of human beings. God can understand. Intention "if it is for good" has very much importance. If both of us cannot understand this Good, then we need to discuss this first. With this understanding only, we can understand scriptures and distinguish the truth saying of prophets and other false sayings. 
Leave the one who is being prayed and see what is being prayed for ?? Intention comes in that side only. What do you think, that prayer is bad ??
I already said, I understand One God concept and I do firmly believe that Sri Krishna is just a messenger as per Islamic belief. Having understood or read different religious materials( not much anyway ), I do accept that. Don't think that i dint understand the concept. 
It's like you misunderstood me. I am not saying Shri Krishna is ultimate God. What I am saying is a normal human is seeing ( due to his ignorance ) God in Shri krishna. And praying for Good.  
The person praying to an idol  is trying to connect to the god and asking for good will only. For a person who have good knowledge can understand that it is not the best method. but that is not wrong either.
Prayer is something like a communication between human and god . Here humans intention is good whatever means he take.God can understand that. And please note that "Intention is Good" and if the intention is achieved output is also Good itself. Other wise you have to teach me like  "The prayer of asking goodness for everyone, is a bad intention".  
Teach me like The prayer of asking goodness for everyone is bad.
Or Teach me like When god hears this prayer , he will react or feel bad because the person is praying to an idol and God will not understand what is actually being prayed for .
>> What if a person stole another persons money and use it to help a poor person? Can you justify it?
How do you justify it. Are we to understand what is right and wrong?  After reading so called attributes  in your earlier mail you are deciding what is right or wrong. Nisam understand that he stole to help someone else. We don't have the capacity to understand that it is to help poor people right? There are certain simple things that we can understand. There are other complex items, that I have addressed in the that mail.

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