Tuesday, November 15, 2011

MAIL - 9

I Wrote:

Dear Friend

It seems to me that you did not see, touch, think of my basic evidence that I quoted from scriptures.

1 What is his intention ? God or Bad.
His intention is against the intention of God; knowingly and most probably unknowingly.

When the customer ask you to use C++ language to develop the software and instead, you used Java and submit it to the customer, will customer accept it ? Will the customer accept it by you having a very very good intention ?

No, Not at All.

Customer gave you all the amenities and a good salary so that you are expected to work as per the customer expectations. If you are not ready to obey his guidelines then you will get fired off the job. Any doubt ?

- God does not want you to be among the "Deluded people of vain hopes."
- God does not want you be "inclined to the delusive nature of Asuras and Rakshasas."  


- God does want you to be a "high-souled one".
- God does want you to "worship him with minds not (turned) elsewhere."


- You want to go against the intention of God by having the so called "good intention" and you expect God to answer your prayer !!

No, It Is Never Going To Happen.

God has Created you, He created the earth, the sun and the moon. He gave you enough food, water, oxygen, etc etc etc and God asked you to Worship him With Minds not (turned) elsewhere but you want to worship him by being inclined to the delusive nature of Asuras and Rakshasas ?? Great !

- Think, Is there any partner for God in the creation of The Earth, The Sun, The Moon etc ?
- Think, Is there any partner for God in Raining of Fresh water from the Sky ?

2 What is in his mind ? Hatred for the creator ??
No hatred but full of ignorance. His mind is filled with "vain hopes, vain acts, vain knowledge, whose minds are disordered."
3 What bad is he doing to the world ?
He is doing The Worst Crime that a human can do and that without the understanding that he is doing the worst crime.

- Because, he is "inclined to the delusive nature of Asuras and Rakshasas."
- Because, he is "not knowing my highest nature as great lord of all entities."
- Because, he has "disregard me as I have assumed a human body."

Learn that this is not only applicable to this specific place but applicable to all such places such as Dargas round the world such as Darga of Ajmir etc etc.

"You do not worship besides Him but only names which you have named (forged) - you and your fathers - for which Allah has sent down no authority. The command is for none but Allah. He has commanded that you worship none but Him; that is the straight religion, but most men know not.'' Quran 12:40

Ignorant and mostly misguided Muslims go to Dargas and other graveyards to Pray to the one who was buried there !

- Quran teaches in whose name those Idols, Dargas are made, they are only names that you and your fathers are named.
- Almighty God has given then no authority to establish such Idols, Dargas etc.
- Quran teaches that you worship none but Him.
- Quran teaches that that is the straight religion. Religion without any crooked way of worship.
- Quran also teaches that most men know not.

Again, Quran says -

"And do not invoke besides Allah (One God) what will not benefit you nor harm you. For if you did, you would certainly be one of the wrongdoers.'' Quran 10:106

"But most men know not" !! including you !

The Worst Crime ?

How worshiping God other than in the specified manner amounts to The Worst Crime ?

Consider a husband and a wife. Two events happens in their life.

1.   The husband sees that his wife shares one thing, with another person that she is supposed to share only with him.
2.   The husband sees that his wife killed their child  purposefully or by mistake.

Both of the above are serious cases. If we look at which is more serious, we can see that the first one is a clear and definite challenge to the husband-hood and it is more than enough to shatter the marriage relationship.  The second case is also a serious one but that does not challenge the husband-hood.

- Worshiping The One God by other means such as Idols, Images, Graves etc Is Sharing The Sole Right Of God (Worship none But Him) with Others.
- Killing a Human is a serious crime but that does not result in the Sharing The Sole Right Of God (Worship none But Him) with Others.

When a Hindu goes to Guruvayur temple, he is ignorant/ignoring what Sri Krishna said -

"Wicked men, doers of evil (acts), who are deluded, who are deprived of their knowledge by (this) delusion, and who incline to the demoniac state of mind, do not resort to me. But, O Arguna! doers of good (acts) of four classes worship me...BhagavatGita Chapter VII.

"But most men know not" !!

In whose name you go to Guruvayur temple, the same person's words clearly stands against you.

When a Muslim goes to a Darga or Graveyard, he is ignorant/ignoring what Quran said -

"And who is more astray than one who calls on besides Allah, such as will not answer him till the Day of Resurrection, and who are (even) unaware of their calls to them. And when mankind are gathered, they (false deities) will become their enemies and will deny their worshiping." Quran 46:5-6

"But most men know not" !!

When a Christian stands before the idols like that of Jesus Christ,  he is ignorant/ignoring what The Bible said -

"You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below" Exodus 20:4
"Do not bow down before their gods or worship them or follow their practices. You must demolish them and break their sacred stones to pieces." Exodus 23:24

"But most men know not" !!

To my knowledge and from the above quoted verses, The Vedas, The Bible, The Quran, have out-rightly and severely condemned the use of idols, images and Graveyards as a means of worship to The Almighty God. All the scriptures stands united on The Worship None But Him, The First, The Last, The Eternal, The Self-Sufficient, The One Who Begets Not, The One Who is not Begotten.

Now, to your thought.

The Guruvayur Temple is the place of Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna was born as the 7th or 8 th child of his mother Devaki. Now think who controlled this universe and its affairs before the birth of Sri Krishna? To whom his mother Devaki prayed and also other elder brothers? Or they did not have such good intentions? Do you think that they worshiped Sri Krishna before he was born?

Please let me know your thought about this.


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