Friday, November 4, 2011

MAIL - 4

My Friend Wrote –

As I said, I understood that there is one God only and he doesn't have shape. This is 100% acceptable to me. Then there is no point in again explaining the concept in Vedas etc as I already understood.

If someone tries to find God in an Idol , it is not against god . That's what I meant. I think you dint get the idea . Gradually people can be me made aware of the same -- One God without shape. But with Idol worship nobody is insulting God. is it so ?? The one is seeing God himself in an Idol. In his mind there is no feeling of hatred. The intention is Good. Whenever the intention is Good and it doesn't harm others, it is ok . This is the idea. You don’t have to support idol worship because you duly understood. But that doesn't mean others are doing anything bad. Their intention is also good. As far as intention is good and it doesn't harm others, I believe it is fine and God won’t be against that.  Focus on the bold part.  It is not the righteous thing to do  but it is not that bad as others depict.

As you can now know, I duly understand the concept of single God.
I hope you can comment on other explanations. Just want to know your viewpoint.


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