Thursday, November 3, 2011

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I Wrote –

Dear Friend

I really appreciate you having spent time to think about it and understood that there is only One God. After hearing the speech, still you feel that worshiping idol is not against God. What I understand is that the Vedas itself contains clear proof that idol worship is against God's will. The speaker in the video has made a remarkable effort in bringing the concept of the correct mode of worship mentioned in The Vedas, in The Bible and in the Quran.

Sri Sri Ravisakar said - "Spirituality Requires two things. First is the Authenticity and the second is the Intensity." So my point is, whoever be said whatever, it should be authentic, it should be authentic by authentic scriptures.

For most of the Hindu brothers, the Sun, Moon, Earth, Trees etc are gods or Part of god. But for a student of any scriptures the Sun, Moon, Earth, Trees etc are God's and most importantly, the Sun and the Moon etc are The Sign's of God.

Mahanirvahana Tantra says - 

Because of My affection for Thee I shall speak to Thee of that Supreme Brahman, Who is ever Existent, Intelligent, and Who is dearer to Me than life itself. O Maheshvari! the eternal, intelligent, infinite Brahman may be known in Its real Self or by Its external signs. 3:5-6

What I understand from the above verse is that the Supreme God, i.e. The Brahman should either be known in Its Real Self or by Its External Signs. That is God should be known by the external signs and not worshiped by the external signs. The external signs include the Sun, the Moon, the Sky etc etc.

The Quran also says the same thing. Quran says - 

And from among His signs are the night and the day, and the sun and the moon. Do not prostrate yourselves to the sun nor to the moon, but prostrate yourselves to Allah( One God) Who created them, if you worship Him. Quran 41:37

Quran teaches that - 

- Night is a sign of God, do not prostrate to it.
- Day is a sign of God, do not prostrate to it.
- Sun is a sign of God, do not prostrate to it.
- Moon is a sign of God, do not prostrate to it.
- ...

It also teaches that - 

- Sun itself is obeying God and it cannot answer your prayer.
- Moon itself is obeying God and it cannot answer your prayer.
- ...

Again, we can see that the Vedas teaches that we cannot compare anything with the Almighty God.

Yajurveda says -

There is none to compare with him. There is no parallel to him, whose glory, verily is great, Hiranyagarbha etc. 'May he not destroy us' 'None other than thee' etc Yajurveda 32:3

Quran says the same thing - 

Say: "He is Allah (the) One, Allah the Samad (the Self-Sufficient, upon whom all depend), He begets not, nor was He begotten, and there is none comparable to Him.''  Quran 112:1-4
I still does not feel any wrong in idol worship. 
You still feel that any wrong in idol worship, because, I think, you have not taken the verses of Vedas and other scriptures, seriously. To my knowledge the verse like "Na tasya pratima asti" meaning "There is no image of Him", calls for the God without any human perceivable form.

I don't think for this reason, that person will be sent to hell. Do you think so ?
How one should worship God is already decided by God. Humans, in any have any role in deciding it. So when one act against the commands of God, definitely he will be subjected to the punishment of God.

The other things you mentioned, definitely deserves discussion. But I think that without understanding the core concept of God and how one should worship God, there is no point in discussing other things.

I would like you to think about the above verses. Please not that there are many verses in Vedas that calls the human beings to worship the One God who does not have any shape or image.



  1. again for a rational mind, worshiping a creation who have no its own power is an offence to self.

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