Friday, November 25, 2011

MAIL - 11

I Wrote -

Dear Friend

As per our talk the differing point is very clear to both of us (after a personal talk we agreed to disagree).

Suppose a person who believes in God says that - God is capable of knowing what is in my mind. So I will not pray to God to get food, get my disease cured etc.

From a human logical point of view I say that he is correct. Since God is capable of knowing his needs and problems than the person himself, God will help him and the person does not have to specifically pray to God.

But from the scriptures, it is very clear to me that a human being should ask God, the above mentioned things and at the same time one should believe that God is capable of knowing what is in his heart. Also, God really loves his slave when he asks more and more.

I feel that your logical thought regarding the worship of God through Idol is same as above.
So regarding the Idol worship, as you said, it is clear to you that it is not the correct way and at the same time you are sticking to it :) I think I have done my best effort to convince you the case. Now it is up to you to convince yourself and act upon it.

I strongly recommend you to learn scriptures very seriously. The more you get closer to it the more you get closer to God. And it really struck me when you said, during our talk, that you are feeling a great fear when you think of praying the God directly. I realize that it is the number one quality of a believer in God. Even though  I am worshiping God directly, I am trying very hard to get such a fearful mind when standing before God.

Now, as I said earlier I am explaining the reality of messengers or prophets of God.

Prophets of God

God chose prophets from human beings to guide the humanity from time to time. God gave scriptures through these prophets. It was the duty of prophets to explain the meaning of the scriptures and clarify the doubts along with becoming a role model. It is important to understand that all the prophets explained the scriptures as per the commands of God and not by their own opinion, not a bit.

Now see some points regarding the prophets and their scriptures.

1. The  prime and the most important command of all the scriptures were - Worship none but Him.
2. All the scriptures explained the concept of Heaven and Hell.
3. The scriptures explained that there exist a kind of beings called Devils who are greatest enemy of the mankind.
4. This world will be finished one day and all the humans will be brought before The Court of Justice of God and the finest justice will be executed by God.
5. God commanded the humans to strictly follow the prophets. The life of prophet additionally explained everything with its finest details.
6. All the prophets had to openly declare that they are the prophets from God. They were given some miracles to prove their prophet hood.
7. The life on this earth is only a test and the real life starts after the death.

- If you think that your profession should be appraised then God intended to do the appraisal for The Whole Life.

I know that you will have many many doubts. I think we can discuss personally or by email.

Now I would like to inform you the motives behind this dialog with you.
I would like to say with an example. Suppose, I get an information that tomorrow morning there comes a big earth quake and it is sure that all the people will be died. If I only know about this and I kept it secret and I escaped without informing you and others about the dangerous situation. What a terrible disaster it would be to you?

The religion that I follow taught me to invite other people to this way with knowledge and good advice. There is no compulsion or any kind of incitement. If I kept this realities undelivered to the fellow beings in my circle, definitely I will be questioned on the Day of  Judgment. I would like to let you know that I am a beginner to the religious studies and what I have with me is only a tip of the iceberg.

What we together can do is to make a very sincere prayer from the dept of our heart - "O God, You Are Clearly Seeing This. You Know What Is In Our Heart. We Beg You To Show Us The Right Path"


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