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One of My Friend Commented -

I think, if we think of our relation ship to GOD similar to our relationship with our parents or dear and near ones, things will get much more clarity. Few examples are below

  • Worshiping the creator in their own way  - If your parents like your presence rather and you are sending them monthly cheques or if they like Indian food and you provide them modern fast food, will they happy ? Any one will agree that ideal way of treatment is, we should identify the way they would like to be treated and do at accordingly.
  • They are seeing the God in this idol - Imagine you have a beautiful (at heart) mother and father. And you are keeping an idol of a monkey/donkey to remember them. Is it same if we do this to our Creator ?
  • God said to help poor - For us this is not the primary thing we are told. we should avoid exploiting the poor at the first place, for that we should ask systematic questions  like how to get rid of greed and arrogance ? For that we should bring in accountability, how we can bring in accountability? There is no other way other than fear of GOD the unseen to bring in real accountability. So primary issue is identifying the God, fear God, fear accountability, live as per His guidance. So any such good will indirectly get linked with our identification of GOD and his Guidance to us.
  • We are given enough discriminating power - Slight disagreement here. Though we have some inherent instincts to look for truth, our intellect alone is not enough to discriminate. Today, right and wrong is very much confusing and we typically follow what majority follows or what powerful media says. Honestly speaking, our capability to distinguish right and wrong is almost taken out by education, media and other personal comfort factors.


Dear Friend

Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

Each of the points worth mentioning at this context. A student of scripture can clearly see that God Himself did not expect to be worshiped by the means of any forms. I remember one event during the time of prophet Mohammad. An idol worshiper was traveling by a ship. The ship was about to be sunk by an overwhelming storm. The people on the ship commented :

"None can save you except Allah (One God) Alone.''

Then this man said -

"By Allah, if none can benefit on the sea except Allah then no doubt none can benefit on land except Allah. `O Allah! I promise You that if You bring me safely out of this, I will go and put my hand in the hand of Muhammad and surely, I will find him full of pity, kindness and mercy.'' Reported By Imam Ibn Kathir.

The point is, God who can save from the disaster at Sea, can only save from the disaster at Land.

This kind of incidents can be seen throughout the history of mankind. This kind of human nature is addressed in the Quran.

"And when harm touches you upon the sea, those that you call upon vanish from you except Him. But when He brings you safe to land, you turn away. And man is ever ungrateful." Quran 17:67.


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