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I Wrote –
Dear Friend

As I said earlier, the proof of any religion is scriptures. I believe that you already know the fact that all the scriptures are from God. It is not the idea of any person(s) lived in the respective time of the scripture.

>>But with Idol worship nobody is insulting God. is it so ??
What I understand is, Yes, it is. It is acting against the command of God and hence it is a kind of insult to God, from a human point of view. Actually God cannot be insulted by any human actions because He is High and He is far superior with respect to the actions of puny humans.

"Nature gives birth to movables and immovables through me, the supervisor, and by reason of that, O son of Kunti! the universe revolves.

Deluded people of vain hopes, vain acts, vain knowledge, whose minds are disordered, and who are inclined to the delusive nature of Asuras and Rakshasas, not knowing my highest nature as great lord of all entities, disregard me as I have assumed a human body.

But the high-souled ones, O son of Pritha! who are inclined to the godlike nature, knowing me as the inexhaustible source of (all) entities, worship me with minds not (turned) elsewhere.

Constantly glorifying me, and exerting themselves, firm in their vows, and saluting me with reverence, they worship me, being always devoted." BhagavatGita 9:10-14

People with the following qualities will only worship God, with Idols.
- People of vain hopes.
- People of vain acts.
- People of vain Knowledge.
- People of disordered minds.
- People who turned to the delusive nature of Asuras and Rakshasas.
- People who consider God as He have assumed a human body !

People with the following qualities will only worship God, without Idols.
- People having high-souls.
- People who truly turn towards God.
- People who know God as the inexhaustible source of all entities.
  - The stone, wood etc by which an Idol is made, is an exhaustible thing.
  - God says that he is inexhaustible.
  - An inexhaustible cannot be represented by an exhaustible thing.
- People who worship God with minds and not turned elsewhere.
Please read the above verses couple of times and think whether Idol worship is the way that God intended or not.

Quran says -

Whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is on the earth glorifies Allah (One God) -- the King, the Holy, the Almighty, the All-Wise. Quran 62:1

- All birds are Glorifying God.
- All animals are Glorifying God.
- ...
- All movables are Glorifying God.
- Thunder and Lightning are Glorifying God.
- Storm and Wind are Glorifying God.
- ...
- Stone is Glorifying God.
- Trees are Glorying God.
- ...

As a human being, one should Glorify God and Only God. Since the stone by which Idols are created, themselves are in a state of Glorifying God, how can you expect the idol to take your Glorification to God?

Quran clearly teaches that the movables and the immovables mentioned in the above verse, Glorifies God.

Now, the scriptures should not be written/edited/deleted by any human beings. If it happens then the following things would occur.

1.The scripture will become a collection of saying of God and human beings.
2.It would contain contradiction and errors. Because the person who edited the scripture would be limited/influenced by the time and knowledge that he possesses.

Clearly this is not what God intended. His commands should reach to everyone unaltered.
Now coming to your first point.

I understand that the idol worship is against the command of God. It is disobeying the command of God. Since God has clearly explained how we should worship Him, how one can add to it?


If the intention is good and it does not harm others. This is a very important point.

- You must understand that, the human beings cannot determine what is good or what is wrong.

- If it is so, then today's good would be bad for tomorrow's generation. A man cannot not know what will happen in this world after his death.

- God is ever living, Knows past, present and future. God clearly understands what is good for His creations and what is bad for His creations.

So we cannot say that if the intention is good and it does not harm others, we can do whatever; rather we should inspect whether it is from God or not. If it is from God then we can accept it otherwise we cannot.

Please think about the two points.

By the way, I would like to convey you that there is no room for hatred just because my fellow being believes what he believes. If a person feels hatred just because of this, then I say that the person does not truly believes what he believes. I see that every man has freedom to believe/do etc as long as it does not affect others freedom. Please keep this point higher in your mind throughout our discussion.

I will let you know my view on the other points as we move.


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