Wednesday, November 9, 2011

MAIL - 6

My Friend Wrote –

God say worship the creator. Idol worshipers are worshiping the creator in their own way. That is it. It is not like "no we won’t worship creator, we will worship this idol only". They are seeing the God in this idol. You have to understand that point.

Let us conclude this point first. I think this is foremost needed.

Intention is Good and we can determine or we have to determine :- 

God said to help poor. Did god named each poor person??  How do you differentiate between rich and poor. Everything as such is not written in scriptures. God says to help poor. We are given enough discriminating power. Yes sure, there are more complex cases which is little harder to understand. But helping the poor is good by any means, I believe.  

I can also say I will not help poor, because God has not named this poor person in scriptures ,and I am following the scriptures.

Don't think as I am confusing you. This is the actual point. We read these scriptures and We depict the meaning from them. and Then We act . There is something that you put from your side and there always is . Lots of We's  are involved in the process. 

Tailpiece: Even We have read FRS and after implementing bugs came out and then we know requirement was not as we understood. Also, do understand that it is not the same code every one writes for every requirement. God has stated the requirements and the way to live. We read and we understand based on your limits. Human beings are depicting the meaning, not God

>> So we cannot say that if the intention is good and it does not harm others, we can do whatever; rather we should inspect whether it is from God or not.
Help is done by different means. Some pays by cash . Some helps by muscle power . Some one forwards a mail :) .  Everybody's intention is good. We have enough knowledge at least in this case to understand what is good and what is bad. That is not directly written in scriptures. Is it ?? 

The point is everything as such is not written in scriptures. There is some involvement from our side involved.

We can continue. :) ...


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