Sunday, January 1, 2012

MAIL - 18 - Part - 2

My Friend Wrote -

There are many more like this questions and I believe they are not dumb questions. But we comfortably hide away from the same with some false/unconvincing justifications or saying like we are no one to ask such complex questions. Even if I learn whole QURAN and life of prophet Muhammad etc this will go unanswered itself. Don't think that I never tried to learn answers for these questions. I have seen so called scholars struggling to prove such questions as invalid just because they cannot have a correct answer.

Then regarding Life of prophet Muhammed. When I started research, to tell the truth I searched for any bad things he had done.

7. Can you please explain his marriage with Zaynab’s (His adopted sons divorcee).

8. I read some where(or in many places) he was married to AISHA. At that time she was 6 or 7 (below 10 anyway) years old and he was 52 or so.

9. Allowed to have sex with slave girls.( You can have sex with your wife + with what your right hand possesses ( Slaves )).Whatever the other point of view, How many of wives or even MUSLIM wives will agree to that ??

Many more cases regarding Holy WAR etc.

What ever be the point of view he is not universally accepted one and hence the criticism.

For your knowledge I have read justifications also, but reading all those still I could not convince myself. If you can, please. Give me some authentic link where I can read about his life.

What I am trying to say is along with good things I have heard or read bad things also.There again i am setback from the so called 100%.

If the history were to be believed, I would go for Jesus than anyone else. I have never heard any bad criticisms on doings of JESUS till now. He is universally accepted. For me a clear history is something like that, to claim the prophet hood. But I have read many such things against Prophet Muhammad, Both Good and Bad, I mean.

I am no one to state QURAN is word from God or Not from God. Same is the case of VEDAS.

Also I have seen many Muhammads in Muslim names, but never a Krishna or Jesus in so called Muslim names. If you have the same feelings for other prophets also then why not ??  Hope all Prophets are of equal status ( though their teachings are corrupted somehow ) as per ISLAMIC belief rt ?

Think about it.


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