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Before one is about to know what was prophet Mohammad, a very brief view on The Period of Ignorance is a prerequisite.

History of pre-Islamic Arabia

The era of the Arabian peninsula, before the arrival of prophet Mohammad is known as the pre-Islamic Arabia or The Period of Ignorance.


Men  of WWWs. This was their title in the historical records. The people of Arabia were known as the men of  Wine-War-Women. They were known drunkards and a person who was on his death bed wrote a death-will that he should be buried under a grape tree so that he can have the grape wine after his death. They fought war for years just because a neighbor's camel ate something from his tree. When a woman prostitute was in one house, then they will erect a flag in front of the house to indicate that there is prostitute. A woman will have intercourse with many men and when the child is born all these men will come to her house and check the foot of the child. Whose foot matches the foot of the child will be declared as the father of the child. They were very reluctant to grow up baby girls. When a baby girl is born they ashamed to say it and it was common among them to bury baby girls under sand. There was not a central government. There were several tribes and for their tribe they will do whatever. It was the tribe’s leader who controlled their affairs.

On the other hand, they had displayed a remarkable trustworthiness in maintaining their tribal affairs. They perfectly maintained any agreements between different tribes. They were very fond of hosting guests.


They believed in One God but they worshiped idols. There were around 300 idols in the main city of Makkah. The most elite tribe was the Quraish, in which prophet Mohammed was born. The Quraish were one of the most elite tribe. They were in charge of The House-of-God (Ka’ba) where idols were placed. The main business was due to the pilgrimage from many surrounding places. People come to worship the idols there. Both Christian and Jewish communities where present in Arabia.


The Arabic language was in its full swing during this time. There were several poets and they were given big status. It is said that Arabic language was the most developed language during this time.


Slavery was very prevalent. Slaves were treated worse than their camels. The owners have full freedom do anything with their slave and even to kill them and nobody will question them. They used to sell and buy slaves just as any other commodities.

Birth of Prophet

In the middle of this period of ignorance , Prophet Muhammad was born in the desert of Makkah on 570 AD. His father was died before he born and when he reached around 7 years he mother also died. Hence he was brought up by his uncle. From the childhood itself he was an honest person. He was not affected by the criminal activities of this people. He was known as "Al Ameen" - the trustworthy among his surroundings.

Volumes of books have bee written on each of the above titles. As a whole, Quran addresses the plight of the people of that time in the below verse.

He it is Who sent among the unlettered ones a Messenger from among themselves, reciting to them His Ayat (verses of Quran), purifying them, and teaching them the Book and the Hikmah (Knowledge). And verily, they had been before in manifest error. Quran 62:2

People who studied the life of prophet Mohammad has written books that explains the plight of the 6th century people.

"The prevailing situation in Arabia made it impossible for a revolutionary change during the youth of Mohammad. Such a disappointing situation can never be seen anywhere in the history of Arabia." - William Muir, The Life of Mahomet - Vol. 1

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