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MAIL - 19 - Part - 2

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Dear Friend

Only QURAN seems to say all are from single God

No. In all the scriptures, one can see a common message. That is about The True Worship of God without any man-made objects. This is the first lesson that anybody can see in the scriptures that exists today.

Fundamentally, this True Mode of Worship of God, testifies the fact that all of the scriptures came from the same source.

Now, Quran teaches that the coming of the final messenger, was foretold by previous messengers of God.

And (remember) when Isa, son of Maryam, (Jesus son of Marry) said: "O Children of Israel! I am the Messenger of Allah unto you, confirming the Tawrah ( The Gospel of Moses which came) before me, and giving glad tidings of a Messenger to come after me, whose name shall be Ahmad. Quran 61:6

- The above verse teaches that Jesus had predicted the coming of a final prophet named Ahmad i.e. prophet Mohammad.

Bible says -

"When the Counselor comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, the Spirit of truth who goes out from the Father, he will testify about me. And you also must testify, for you have been with me from the beginning." John 15:26-27

- Jesus had predicted the arrival of a counselor who will testify him.
- Jesus had commanded his followers - "And you also must testify".

That is why prophet Mohammad said -

"I am the (result of the) invocation made to Allah (One God) from my father Ibrahim (Abraham) and the good news Isa (Jesus) delivered." - Prophet Mohammad.

- If there were any messenger who testified Jesus, then it was prophet Mohammad.
- Quran and prophetic sayings, have an extensive record on prophet Jesus, from birth to his departure from this world to his return to this world for the second time.

Why God created different versions

And We sent not a Messenger except with the language of his people, in order that he might make (the Message) clear for them.... Quran 14:4

- Every messenger was sent, not only in the language of the people to whom they were sent but also from among the people to whom they were sent.
- Every messenger was sent in the language of the people "in order that he might make (the Message) clear for them".

Why God stopped with Prophet Mohammed ??

Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but he is the Messenger of Allah and the last of the Prophets. And Allah is Ever All-Aware of everything. Quran 33:40

- Firstly, prophet Mohammad was the final messenger of God.
- Secondly the protection of Quran was taken by God himself as it is explained before.

God stopped with prophet Mohammad because Quran contains guidance for all the corners of life. Prophet Mohammad exemplified the teachings of Quran.

- He lived as the best husband.
- He lived as the best father.
- He lived as the best neighbor.
- He lived as the best businessman.
- He lived as the best soldier.
- He lived as the best Ruler.
- ...

God stopped with prophet Mohammad because we are living in the end-times. Quran teaches that this world will be brought to an end and the mankind will be brought before The Court of Justice of Almighty God. Quran and prophetic sayings have extensively said about the eventualities in the end-time. For example -

When the heaven is cleft asunder (i.e. skies will be split). And when the stars will be fallen. And when the seas burst forth. And when the graves will be searched (people will come out of graves). A person will know what he has sent forward and left behind. O man ! What has made you careless about your Lord, the Most Generous Who created you, fashioned you perfectly, and gave you due proportion. Quran 82:1-7

The above verse talks about one of the coming eventualities of end-time, in this world.

Ok corrupted , why din't he take counter actions before  ??

Yes. God did take counter measures.

Then We sent Our Messengers in succession. Every time there came to a nation their Messenger, they denied him; so, We made them follow one another, and We made them as Ahadith (destroyed). So, away with a people who believe not! Quran 23:44

- Almighty God gave every nation that lived on this earth, an opportunity to lead a righteous life. For that, He sent messengers.
- Each time, when they exceeded the limits of God, after many times of forgiveness from God, He destroyed them. Quran has a detailed record on such destroyed nations and generations.

He missed earlier ??
No. God did not miss anything. It is the mankind who missed The True Mode of Worship of God, by corrupting the scriptures of God. That is why the protection of Quran is not held in the hands of humans, as in the case of previous scriptures.

Verily, We, it is We Who revealed the Dhikr (i.e. the Qur'an) and surely We will guard it (from corruption). Quran 15:9

Only because God took the protection of Quran,

- It survived 14 centuries without any change.
- It survived 14 centuries without any addition or deletion of any word/verse.
- It survived 14 centuries without losing the interpretation of any word/verse.
- It survived 14 centuries without losing how a generation of people lived according to its teachings.

will be continued ...

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