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MAIL - 19 - Part - 6

I Wrote -

Dear Friend

The remaining questions are related with the personality of prophet Mohammad. Before I start, I would like to remind you that what all things I explained or going to explain is from my limited knowledge. There will be more and more things that I could not or I cannot explain, due to my limited knowledge of each of the subjects. I am trying to understand things in my own capacity and share with you, rather than being a blind believer.

Prophet Mohammad lived for 23 years as a prophet in the 6th century. He had friends and foes. What all allegations made against prophet Mohammad was a recent inventions. None of the things you mentioned, was not raised against prophet Mohammad by his enemies in the 6th century.

At the outset, I would like to start with the following quote.

I have read in Moslem writings such deep and tender expressions of respect and reverence for Jesus that for the time I almost forgot, I was not reading the words of a Christian writer. How different, it is sad to say, has been the way in which Christians have spoken and written of Muhammad. Let us put it down to it’s true cause, ignorance.”  - Reverend R. Maxwell King

The above Reverend Maxwell's statement sheds the light to your question on why you heard the so called bad things about prophet Mohammad and why you did not hear any bad things about Jesus.

So it is the sheer ignorance on who was prophet Mohammad, for what he stood for and what he could achieve within a mere 23 years, that the said things seems to be allegations rather than facts. When one studies who was prophet Mohammad, they should have at least looked into the following things.

- Who was the man Mohammad (till his age of 40) ?
- Who was the prophet Mohammad and what he did for 23 years ?
- What did his relatives and friends said about him.
- What did foes and enemies said about him.
- What did other nations of 6th century told about him.

When prophet Mohammad had the first experience of Divine Revelation, he feared, came to his wife and explained to her, what happened. She said -

Khadija, his wife said, "Nay! But receive the good tidings ! By Allah, Allah will never disgrace you, for by Allah, you keep good relations with your Kith and kin, speak the truth, help the poor and the destitute, entertain your guests generously and assist those who are stricken with calamities."

Above was the comment from his wife. The above statement should be taken into account on the very fact that it is a person's better half who is the first authority to comment on a person's behavior.

Prophet Mohammad

Understanding the life of prophet Mohammad is a great deal of history. It cannot be confined to a single mail. Volumes of books have been written by both Muslims and non-Muslims.

In my understanding what you know about him is only a distorted picture, taken out of the context with 0% facts and 100% lies. But how you got the picture that you have? The reason is history. Very briefly I shall explain.

Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) is the father of Monotheism. He had two sons. Both of then were prophets. First is Ismael (Ishmael) and the second is Ishaq (Issac). Both this son had many children. These two sons historically became the father of children of Israel and the father of Arabs.

In the case of Ishaq, he had a great son named Ya'koob (Jacob). Ya'koob was a prophet and is famously known as Israel or the father of Israel. Ya'koob had 12 children and the Jews now we see are the children of these 12 sons of Jacob.

God sent many prophet to the children of Israel. Prominent prophets include Musa (Moses) and Isa (Jesus). All this prophets were sent to children of Israel. Moses was given Torah and Isa (Jesus) was given Injeel (The Gospel of Jesus). Both of these scriptures clearly mentioned the coming of the final prophet and contained a very clear instruction to follow the final messenger when he comes. Jesus clearly taught his disciples about the coming of the final messenger.  The people of that time agreed this and passed to their succeeding generations. After the prophet Isa (Jesus) went from this world, after 5 centuries later, came the final messenger Muhammad. He testified that all the previous prophets including Musa (Moses) and Isa (Jesus) and their scriptures to be the true word from One God. The Jews and the Christians were well aware of the coming of the final prophet.

The important point here is that prophet Muhammad came from the decedents of Ismael. Clearly prophet Muhammad was an Arab. Just because he was an Arab and he did not belong to the clan of children of Israel, the then Jews and the Christians rejected him.

And when there came to them a Messenger from Allah (i.e. Muhammad) confirming what was with them, a party of those who were given the Scripture threw away the Book of Allah (One God) behind their backs as if they did not know ! Quran (2:101)

From there they started the enmity towards the prophet Muhammad. They objected prophet Mohammad not ideologically but by physical confrontation. And for that, prophet Mohammad had to defend himself and his followers.

Please note that note every Jews and Christians denied him. Those Jews and Christians who favored God's word accepted him as the final messenger of God. The 6th century king of Ethiopia accepted the prophet Mohammad.

"O Ethiopians, monks and priests ! By Allah (One God), what they say about `Isa (Jesus) is no more than what we say about him, not even a difference that equals this straw. You are welcomed among us, and greetings to him who sent you. I bear witness that he is Allah's Messenger whom we read about in the Injil (Gospel of Jesus)." - Najashi, The Christian King of 6th century Ethiopia.

There is an in depth history. To sum up,  what you know about prophet Muhammad till now is what the lies propagated by the majority of these people. But those among the Christians who identified the prophet Mohammed, they accepted Islam. Thus, embracing Islam by the learned Christian scholars and other common people has been a phenomena from the 6th century to this 21st century and it continues. 

If you check who represent Islam today in United States, you can see that all the major figures are from the Christian background.  It includes figures like Khalid Yaseen, Yousuf Estes, Hamza Yousuf Hanson, Suhaib Webb etc.

will be continued...

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