Saturday, December 31, 2011

MAIL - 18 - Part - 1

My Friend Wrote -

In terms of how it is seen today , VEDAS are for Hindus , QURAN for Muslim and BIBLE for Christians. I am not talking the broad minded view. Common mans view point. Only QURAN seems to say all are from single God, but I have never seen in practice. There is a "but" after that sentence by stating the teachings are corrupted and this is final and hence please follow QURAN.

What do you think these eminent scholars of so called Christianity and HINDUISM are ignorant and or otherwise they have learned but are hiding the actual truth ? Everyone believes what they have studied as do MUSLIMS believe. Everyone cannot be right, may be,  but the same is applicable to followers of ISLAM.

As per you only ISLAM is the righteous way because it is the last revelation (something is missing in old scriptures or it is corrupted). For us it is not, that's the difference.

Some doubts !!

1. Why God created different versions and Why God stopped with Prophet Mohammed ?? Earlier versions were incorrect ??  Ok corrupted , why din't he take counter actions before  ?? He missed earlier ??

2. If the intention of God was to correct or add new verses etc why he didn't upgrade the existing version like VEDAS ?? You also agree VEDAS and initial word from GOD.

3. Seven readings for seven different tribes or whatever. What about others ?? At the same time GOD could have created for all human beings existing at that time. GOD does not have limitations . They why didn't he ??

4. Many people lived at that same time and they don't know about that or understand. What about them ? They are not supposed to go to heaven. There is an argument like if they do not know then it is not a problem. But GOD could have let them also. Again GOD has no limitations rt?

5. I could not believe like God could not achieve through Krishna or then Jesus and and then he went for prophet Muhammad. That sounds like he had to give more trys to get something corrected. Really ??

6. Some people born in MUSLIM family and by birth they get chance to learn the so called book that will give them heaven. Some like us are born in HINDU family and most of them for that reason are not given first option and in your words are misguided against QURAN and they will go to HELL. Funny isn't it ?? It is like some are born for heaven and other are born for hell and the latter group should first learn what they follow is wrong and then understand QURAN and then etc etc and finally will get heaven.

These questions are applicable to both VEDAS and QURAN. That's why I can't be sure.

will be continued ...

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