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MAIL - 17 - Part - 2

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Facts about the "different versions" of Quran
In fact, there exist seven recitation of the Glorious Quran. Prophet Mohammad had himself recited the seven recitation as applicable. This seven does not mean that there exists seven interpretations of word meaning. Even though recitation are different, the meaning is exactly the same.

At the beginning, the author of the article is attributing a false claim regarding the Quran. That is, all the recitation of the Quran are same. This is absolutely wrong.  During the life time of prophet Muhammad two of his companions differed on each others recitation and they came to the Prophet and recited each of their version. Then the prophet said.

"It was also revealed in this way. This Quran has been revealed in seven forms, so recite whichever is easiest for you."

So in the seven recitations, some but not every word is spelt with slight difference. The fact that prophet himself administered the seven readings, is either purposefully or ignorantly omitted by the author. Please note that during the time of the prophet, Quran was spread orally and not by the means of writings. But at the same time, as a secondary means, the companions of the prophet used to write the Quran on available mediums during that time.

The entire Quran was revealed during a span of 23 years, it was not revealed as a whole book.

The almighty God has revealed the Quran in seven dialects/recitations (harf in Arabic). The prophet then taught this seven recitation to his companions. The reason for seven recitations is that, during the time of prophet there were several tribes and each tribe had their own dialect. So in order for several tribes to memorize the Quran, the seven recitations were made available. Most importantly there was no change in the meaning of it.

The author of this article is creating an illusion by mentioning the seven recitations as seven reading. By seeing "seven reading" a novice person will think that there should be seven writings and then only this seven reading is possible. So the usage "seven reading" is not accurate it this sense. Also the author mentions that the Quran that is available today is received by the means of the "seven readers". Actually it should be "SEVEN READINGS (from the prophet)".

Now, what he has shown as different words is just the printed version of different the recitations and not the different "versions". Please note that this kind of "change" is applicable to only particular places; it is not applicable to all chapters or all versus. Also if really there is change happened to Quran then there should be missing chapters, missing versus, contradictions etc. If one learns this then it would be very clear that no such things are happened to the alleged "versions".

It is a deep subject and it involves a great deal of history and understanding of the Arabic language. My answer is limited to my current knowledge.

You think that Vedas are for Hindus, The Bible for Christians and Quran is for Muslims. This way of thinking requires a change. As I said, all are from the One God and He has commanded to follow His final revelation. Now why? In my understanding, the full interpretation (by the respective prophet/Rishi) of Vedas are not available today and hence one cannot follow the Vedas to achieve success in this life and the life after death.

The Old testament that is available today, was not written by the administration of Moses and The New Testament that is available today, was not written by the administration of Jesus. Both of these were written by later generations who even did no see Moses and Jesus. But in the case of Quran, the interpretation of each verse was fully administered by prophet Mohammad and it is available today, as it was. Both Muslim and Non Muslims have learned about him and wrote book on his life. Finally it is God's decision to follow the final version of His revelation.


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