Thursday, December 8, 2011

MAIL - 14

My Friend Wrote -

>> - The protection of Quran and its interpretation is a responsibility that God himself took. Otherwise it would not have survived 14 centuries, intact.

How can we be sure that QURAN is not manipulated  like as you say other scriptures are ?
There are other view points like more ancient scriptures are Vedas or Bible etc. And they say like see most of the cases in those scriptures are also present in QURAN and so it is the manipulated version of those ones !!

The only proof I think is regarding some verse like God will protect QURAN. The verse from the same QURAN itself.

Does it mean tomorrow some one manipulate Vedas or Bible and wrote something like that and it then become interpreted similarly as QURAN.

So how can we be sure ??

For me, as I said earlier, Hindu and Muslim is an interchangeable word. You don't need to be a HINDU to follow Hinduism. Hinduism is actually a way of living. If you are properly following QURAN , I would say you are also a HINDU. And if some correctly follows Vedas , he is also a MUSLIM. One should be taught to learn VEDAS and QURAN etc and be a better human being.


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