Monday, December 19, 2011

MAIL - 15 - Part - 4

I Wrote -
Dear Friend

When there are generations who exemplified the teachings of a scripture, a person in a later generation should be able to verify it. This is where the importance of The Authentic Recording of such history come into play.
The Science of Authentic Recording

As I said, the recording of the Quran was performed during the time of prophet Mohammad itself. But the interpretation of each and every verses were not recorded as such, during his lifetime. As the time went, the later (first three) generations identified the importance of recording what prophet Mohammad said, did and commanded to do etc. They identified the potential threat to the preservation of Quranic interpretations of prophet Mohammad. For that, the first three generations evolved a methodology called The Science of Authentic Recording.

This is a very detailed branch of study. Among many things, it involves the recording of the very detailed history of each persons who reported what they saw, heard from prophet Mohammad.

- This kind of Authentic Recording of the interpretation of the Scripture, cannot be seen in the case of any other scriptures that is available today.
- This kind of Authentic Recording of the sayings of the prophet, what he did, commanded to do etc, cannot be seen in the case of any other prophets of God.

Precisely -

- There is a book that itself claims to be The Words of God.
- There is a book that contains amazing scientific facts as one of the proof for being The Words of God.
- There is a book that is in conformity with The Four Parameters of a Scripture.
- There is a book that is exemplified by The Three Generations of people.
- There is a book that is Recorded by The Science of Authentic Recording.

Such a book is what is Quran, the only such scripture that exists today.
Hence, this is how Quran is said to be protected, it is not a blind belief.

Now, regarding the words Hindu and Muslim. From what I studied from school, Hindu is a word that is used to represent some people who lived across the Indus Vally. The Persians who didn't have the word 'Si' in Sindu replaced it with 'Hi', becoming Hindu. Anyway, the word Hindu has got some geographical significance. The word Muslim, as I said earlier, does not signifies any geographical location, it does not signifies some people who lived somewhere at sometime.

The word Muslim, on the other hand, does signify a person who acquired peace of mind by willingly and consciously submitted his life, exactly according to the commands of God. So, I think these two words cannot be interchanged. Quran introduces all prophet of God, those who rightly followed, as Muslims, in the exact sense that they fully submitted their life to the commands of God.

"And strive hard in Allah's cause as you ought to strive. He has chosen you, and has not laid upon you in religion any hardship: it is the religion of your father Ibrahim (Abraham). He has named you Muslims both before and in this (Qur'an), that the Messenger may be a witness over you and you be witnesses over mankind ! ..." Quran 22:78

- The above verse specifically recognizes the prophet Abraham as a Muslim.
- The above verse specifically teaches that it is God Who named such people as Muslims.


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