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MAIL - 19 - Part - 20


I Wrote -

Dear Friend

"O King, we were a people steeped in ignorance, worshiping idols, eating un-sacrificed carrion, committing abominations and the strong would devour the weak. Thus we were ...

He (prophet Mohammad) called us unto God, that we should testify to His Oneness and worship Him and renounce what we and our fathers had worshiped in the way of stones and idols; and
(prophet Mohammad) commanded us -

- To speak truly
- To fulfill our promises
- To respect
   - The ties of kinship and
   - The rights of our neighbors and
- To refrain from crimes and from bloodshed

So we worship God alone, setting naught beside Him, counting as forbidden what He hath forbidden and as licit what He hath allowed. ...

For these reasons have our people turned against us and have persecuted us to make us forsake our religion and revert from the worship of God to the worship of idols. That is why we have come to thy country, having chose thee above all others and we have been happy in thy protection and it is our hope, O King, that here, with thee, we shall not suffer wrong" - Muhammad, Life Based on Earliest Sources
by Martin Lings.

Above was the explanation given by one of the companions of prophet Mohammad, when they sought refuge before the Abyssinian (Ethiopian) king.

The Persecution
A very long story in short : -

The above mentioned companions of prophet Mohammad were persecuted only because they Believed in One God. Among them was a 55+ year old woman named Sawda daughter of Zama.

The Migration

A very long story in short :-
The above mentioned companions of prophet Mohammad left their home, property, wealth etc and migrated to Ethiopia, only to protect their belief in One God. Among them was the 55+ year old woman named Sawda daughter of Zama. Her husband had died and she was a widow.

This is the historical point at which prophet Mohammad thought of a second marriage. At this point, prophet Mohammad was 52 year old. His first wife had died when he was 50 year old.

The Second Marriage

"Would you like Allah (One God) to give you great blessing, Sawda ?"  Sawda asked, "And what is that, Khawla?"

She said, "The Messenger of Allah has sent me to you with a proposal of marriage!" Sawda tried to contain herself in spite of her utter astonishment and then replied in a trembling voice, "I would like that! Go to my father and tell him that." - Imam Ibn Kathir.

- This was the response from the 55+ year old widow, when she was asked for marriage to prophet Mohammad.

"The old man shouted, "A noble match."
- Imam Ibn Kathir.

- This was the response from the father of the 55+ year old widow, when he was asked her daughter in marriage, to prophet Mohammad.

"There was great surprise in Mecca that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) would choose to marry a widow who was neither young nor beautiful. The Prophet, however, remembered the trials she had undergone when she had immigrated to Abyssinia, leaving her house and property, and crossed the desert and then the sea for an unknown land out of the desire to preserve her religion" -
Imam Ibn Kathir.

-  This was the response of the people who did the persecution, when they saw the marriage with great surprise because prophet Mohammad chose
a widow who was neither young nor beautiful.

If you remember The First Marriage Principle -
Marriage Principle - 1

"A woman is married for four things, i.e., her wealth, her family status, her beauty and her religion. So you should marry the religious woman (otherwise) you will be a losers." - Prophet Mohammad.

Prophet Mohammad chose a 55+ year old widow as his wife only because of her religion: - She was persecuted only for her belief in One God;  she migrated to Ethiopia only to protect her belief in One God.
A very long story in short :-

"The wives of prophet asked him 'Which of us will be the first to follow you (in death) ?'. He said "The one of you who has the longest arms". They took a stick and started to measure their arms. But Sawda was the first one to follow him. She was the one who had the longest arms, because she used to give in charity a great deal". - Sunan-an-Nasa-i-Vol-3-English.

- Here one can see The 5++ Charity Principles in practice by Sawda the wife of prophet Mohammad.
- Neither prophet Mohammad nor his wives were going after the glittering of this world.
- There were all preparing for a life that begins with death.

The point is -

- This marriage of prophet Mohammad honored the status of an aged widow who sacrificed her life in the path of One God and His messenger.
- This marriage of prophet Mohammad set the precedence of favoring firm Belief & Practice in One God and His messengers, at the time of marriage.
- ...

will be continued ...

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