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MAIL - 19 - Part - 25

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"I am a woman whose best time hath gone, she said, and I am the mother of orphans. What is more, I have a nature of exceeding jealousy" - Muhammad, Life Based on Earliest Sources by Martin Lings.
This was the reply of the widow named Umm Salama when she was offered the hand of prophet Mohammad, in marriage.

He (prophet) answered: "As to age, I am older than thou; as to thy jealousy, I will pray God to take it from thee; as to thine orphan children, God and His Messenger will care for them." - Ibid.

Prophet Mohammad Offered His Hand In Marriage

There was an ideologically bound reason on why prophet Mohammad offered his hand in marriage to the lady named Umm Salama. 

"Abu Salamah's Islam became known; and this dismay was doubled when Hind or Umm Salamah, as she is always called - instead of leaving her husband became like him one of the most devoted followers of the Prophet. - Muhammad, Life Based on Earliest Sources by Martin Lings. 

Here we see a couple who were among the staunch followers of prophet Mohammad. Their new faith was succeeded by persecutions from their own family, as it was, always.

"But Abu Salamah and Umm Salamah could hope for nothing but persecution from their own clan." - Ibid.

The fate of any such new believer was always on the edge of sword; at any time they will be attempted for their life, just because they proclaimed The True Oneness of Almighty God. And this highly imminent fate led her first husband to make a wow with her that - "He told her that if he died first she should marry again" - Ibid.

He didn't stop there, he supplicated to Almighty God that - "He prayed: 'God grant Umm Salamah after me a man who is better than me, one who will cause her no sadness and no hurt.'"- Ibid.

As he expected, the fate came - "The next month his cousin Abu Salamah died of a wound from (the battle of) Uhud which had closed too soon and broken out afresh.- Ibid.

As the leader of The Faithful,  prophet Mohammad was with them.

"The Prophet was with him at the end and prayed for him as he was breathing his last; and it was the Prophet who closed his eyes when he was dead."- Ibid.

- Her husband died for he stood firmly in proclaiming The Oneness of Almighty God. 

"Once again Umm Salama was alone, only now she had not one child, but several. There was no one to look after her and them.- Ibn Kathir.

- The lady became alone for she stood firmly in proclaiming The Oneness of Almighty God. 

"Abu Bakr proposed marriage to her, but she refused. Then Umar asked her to marry him, but again she refused.- Ibn Kathir.

- Prominent personalities of the city of Madina offered her their hand in marriage but she refused.

This was the historical context that lead prophet Mohammad to offer his hand in marriage.

The Sixth Marriage

"Four months after his death the Prophet came and asked for her hand in marriage.- Ibid.

And she replied -

Umm Salama said, "O Messenger of Allah! It is not because I do not want you, but I am very jealous and I fear that you might experience some wrong mannerism from me for which Almighty God would punish me. I am old and have children.'' - Ibn Kathir

Here comes the importance of the reply from prophet Mohammad. He said -

" As for the jealousy that you mentioned, Allah the Exalted will remove it from you
 • As for your being old as you mentioned, I have suffered what you have suffered

 • And for your having children, they are my children too.- Ibn Kathir

Even though the lady had some worldly 'negative' points, the prophet took this lady as his wife and her children as his children.

The Widowed Lady on The Fate of The Marriage

"Almighty God gave me better in exchange than him. i.e. (I was taken as the wife of) the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him).- Imam Muslim.

- She was relieved by herself by having a messenger of  God as her husband, to look-after her and her children.

Her Role as a Wife

"She was also from a very noble family and known for her keen intelligence. On more than one occasion, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) asked her advice in tricky situations."- Ibn Kathir.
- Due to her intelligence, prophet had her advice in troublesome situations.

Her Contributions

"Like A'isha and Hafsa, Umm Salama learned the whole of the Qur'an by heart" - Ibn Kathir.

- She completely by hearted the entire Quran.

Her contribution for the next generation was vital that she reported the rules and regulations on the following titles from the life of prophet Mohammad.

• Characteristics of Prayer 
• Etiquette of Dressing
• Good Manners
• Divorce
• Fasting
• Marriage Rules
• Rules on Suckling
• Rules of recitation of Glorious Quran

The Impact of This Marriage

"Many of the Companions followed the Prophet's example, marrying widows and thereby bringing them and their children into the circle of their families, instead of leaving them to struggle on their own." - Ibn Kathir.

This marriage cemented A Great Norm for The Protection of the widows who perfectly submitted their life in the way of Almighty God.

will be continued ...

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