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MAIL - 19 - Part - 24

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"The Mother Of The Poor". That was the title of the twice/thrice widowed lady named Zaynab Daughter of Khuzayma.

"During the The Period of Ignorance itself She was known as The Mother of The Poor, due to her feeding of the poor people." - Ibn Hisham.

Even before recognizing the Mohammad as a prophet of God, the lady Zaynab was known for her charity.

"She was with Tufail son of Haris then he divorced her and his brother Ubaidah son of Haris married her and he was martyred during the battle of Badr." - Ibn Hisham.

She became a widow for the second time when her second husband was died in a battle.

"The scholar Zuhri said that she was with Ibn Jahsh and he was killed in the battle of Uhd." - Ibn Hisham.

She became a widow for the third time when her third husband was died in a battle.

The Fifth Marriage

"A year after being widowed she was still unmarried, and when the Prophet asked her to marry him she gladly accepted." - Muhammad, Life Based on Earliest Sources by Martin Lings.

Here also, you can see prophet Mohammad taking care of a lady who stood for his principles such as The Charity Principles.

"The Prophet married her with a dowry of four hundred Dirhams, and a apartment was constructed for her near those of Hafsa and Aisha" - Great Women of Islam by Ghadanfar.

He married her, in due accordance his Marriage Principles.

The Result of This Marriage

"And it was doubtless in connection with this new alliance that the Prophet now received a visit from Abu Bara, the ageing chief of Zaynab's tribe.Muhammad, Life Based on Earliest Sources by Martin Lings.

As a result of this marriage, prophet Mohammad received a visit from the chief of the tribe of Zaynab, in an effort to mend the fences that existed between various tribes.

"When Islam was put before him, the old man made it clear that he was not averse to it. He did not however embrace it then, but asked that some Muslims should be sent to instruct his whole tribe." - Ibid.

As a result, they asked for scholars to be sent for them so as to learn The Oneness of God and The Hundreds of Principles put forward by prophet Mohammad.

The Response of The Household

"The two ladies who were already part of the household - Aisha and Hafsah welcomed this new friend and tried their best to give her their sincere sympathetic companionship. They knew that the prophet married Zaynab because she was deeply affected by the death of her first husband." - Great Women of Islam by Ghadanfar.

Thus the lady Zaynab became The Mother of The Believers and she found peace in her life.

"Because of the kind behaviour of these two noble ladies, her grief was lightened and she felt more at peace." - Ibid.

This marriage, again, exemplified a novel elevation of women who lost their husbands just because they proclaimed The Oneness of God, belief in all of His messengers, defended it and martyred for it.

will be continued ...

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