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One of My Friend Commented - 

"Some might have viewed the marriage of Muhammad and A'isha as an exceptional marriage, but then the two partners were exceptional people. The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was the last of the Prophets and the best of creation; and A'isha was a very intelligent and observant young girl with a very good memory." - Imam Ibn Kathir.

- This is why prophet Mohammad chose Aisha who was at 9.

A few questions in mind...

1. Why cant he wait for next 9 - 10 years ?
2. Is it possible to acquire her wisdom only through marrying her ? cant he arrange a marriage with his son or someone younger ?


Dear Friend

Thank you very much for your comments.

>>1. Why cant he wait for next 9 - 10 years ?

First and foremost, after 8 years of the marriage, prophet Mohammad passed away. Hence, there was little scope of waiting for 9 - 10 years. Here comes the religious answer.

Religiously Speaking

The one and only answer on why prophet Mohammad chose a 9 year old girl in marriage, is that, it was A Command from Al Mighty God. Almighty God, being the Knower of the seen and the unseen, the past and the future, dictated that the marriage should happen exactly when it did happen.

Had prophet Mohammad been acting on his own desires, the marriage itself wouldn't have happened, but it was not the case.
>>1. Why cant he wait for next 9 - 10 years ?

Secondly, as I said, it was not just for another marriage, prophet Mohammad married the 9 year old girl. If it was for just another marriage, he had a very good offer before him, by his enemies, long before his second marriage with the 55+ year old widow

Simply speaking, he couldn't wait for the next 9 - 10 years ( i.e. after his death ) because 

It was for The Delegation of The Principles and Etiquettes of prophet Mohammad, for the future generation that he married the 9 year old girl named Aisha."

He did not have the time to wait for next 9 - 10 years  ( i.e. after his death ) because -

- The marriage was not for fulfilling the material lust.
- The marriage was for fulfilling one of The Divine Destiny of Aisha as The Most Knowledgeable Scholar of her time of 40 years.

>>2. Is it possible to acquire her wisdom only through marrying her ? cant he arrange a marriage with his son or someone younger ?

Yes, it was only possible to acquire what she acquired, through marriage and that is why it is said - 

"If there exists a relation under the sky, by which one can clearly measure the personality of another person, it is The Marriage Relation."

That is why it is said -

A. She grew into womanhood

 - She had to be a wife of prophet Mohammad in order for her to be brought-up by the prophet.

It is said -

B. She remembered all that she saw

- She had to be a wife of prophet Mohammad in order for her to saw what she saw.

It is said - 

C. She was a witness of so much of all that took place.

- She had to be the wife, in order for her to witness The Life of Prophet Mohammad.

>>2. Is it possible to acquire her wisdom only through marrying her ?

Islam puts forward a Completely Perfect Guideline to all the corners of life or at least it claims so. In that guideline, there are certain things that can be learned only by becoming a wife. 

For instance,  consider a woman in her menstrual periods. Prophet Mohammad addressed this very state of mankind with utmost respect, dignity and seriousness, through Aisha who was one of his wife.

Lesson of Menstrual Period -1

Aisha said: "While having the menses, I used to eat from a piece of meat and give it to the Prophet who would eat from the same place I ate from. I used to have sips of a drink and would then give the cup to the Prophet who would place his mouth where I placed my mouth.'' - Imam Muslim.

Look at the narration. Prophet Mohammad is teaching this humanity on how to treat a wife, in one of her difficult times. The above narration should also be well understood how different communities treated their women in periods.

"The Jews used to avoid their menstruating women, they would not eat, or even mingle with them in the house." - Imam Ahmed.

The Jews sidelined their wives at their difficult times; Prophet Mohammad brought close his wives and this is the lesson for a believer.

Lesson of Menstrual Period -2

Aisha said: "Allah's Messenger used to ask me to wash his hair while I was having the menses. He would lay on my lap and read the Qur'an while I was having the period.''  - Imam Muslim.

- He had a close proximity with his wives during their difficult times.
- He even performed religious activities like reading the Quran even by laying on the lap of his menstruating wife.

Lesson of Menstrual Period -3

Aisha said:  "Allah's Messenger commanded me to fetch mats from the mosque. I said that I had menses. He remarked, 'Your menses are not on your hands'." - Imam Turmudi.

- Even though a women in her periods is not supposed to enter a mosque for prayers, Prophet Mohammad did not kept them away, completely.

Lesson of Menstrual Period - 4

Aisha said:  "We set out with no intention of other that Hajj (The Pilgrimage). And when we were in Sharif, my menses came. The Messenger of Allah entered upon me while I was weeping and he said: 'Have your menses come ?' I said: 'Yes.' He said: 'That is something that Allah, the Mighty and Sublime, has decreed fo the daughters of Adam. Do everything that the pilgrim in Ihram (the dress of pilgrimage) does, but do not circumambulate the House" - Imam An-Nasai

- During even the time of pilgrimage, prophet Mohammad took his wife with him.
- And when the decree of Almighty came for Aisha, he did sooth her and had done what could do for the pilgrimage to be acceptable before Almighty God.

Lesson of Menstrual Period -5

Aisha said:  "Me and messenger of Allah slept inside a single blanket while I was in my period. ..." - Imam Abu Dawud.

- A wife in her periods should not be kept away from the bed just because of her nature.

There are again, other areas, guidelines to which are best reported by being a wife of prophet Mohammad. It includes -

- Guidelines on Suckling babies and its relationship.
- Guidelines on what should be done for the Wet Dreams of men.
- Guidelines on the rules and regulations of divorce, as the last resort.
- ...

 The point is - 

- Prophet Mohammad cannot wait for the next 9 - 10 years ( i.e. after his death), in order for him to teach these invaluable lessons for the mankind.
- Aisha had to be nothing more or less than a wife of prophet Mohammad, in order for her to report what she witnessed, for the future generation.


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